Introducing: General Purpose Storage

We have been very busy working on our new products and services. We have now launched the General Purpose Storage. Starting at $2/month.

GP Storage (General Purpose Storage)

This service provides an option to offload your static files like images or other small media files or CSS/Javascripts. You can also host small PHP application in case you need to create your own API or some functions you need for your storage. One of the best feature of this service is the High-Availability Proxy and Cache. You can select the nearest proxy location for your users to deliver fast content. The static files such as images are cached in the proxy servers reducing the load of your origin/source (storage). The proxy servers are load balanced to handle high traffic. There is also a failover setup in case one load balancer is unavailable.

Notable Features:

  • Highly Available Redundant Storage
  • High-Availability Proxy with Cache with Failover
  • Cache available on multiple locations
  • Offsite Backup included (on separate data center)
  • SSL Support


  1. Offloading your static files greatly reduces the disk usage of your local storage.
  2. Reduce load of your main server.
  3. Fast delivery of content.

Use Cases:

  • For WordPress and other blog or CMS scripts you can use this service to store your images and other media files or other static files like CSS and Javascripts.
  • For sites using Phpfox Social Network script you can use this with the Phpfox CDN.
  • For sites using SocialEngine script you can use this for the Virtual File System.
  • Custom PHP applications can use it to serve static files.


More info and full feature list please see our knowledgebase.