Free Tier and new Web Services this April 2018

In connection with our plans this 2018, we are launching new Web Services and Free Tier this April. These web services are very useful specially for small projects, learning or sites under development. All services are Fully Managed so you don’t need to worry on setup and maintenance.

Web Services

  1. Web PHP – For hosting small PHP sites, apps or scripts. The services is powered by NGINX, Apache and PHP 7.
  2. Offsite MySQL DB – Use this service if you need a database for your apps. You can connect via private network for more secure connection.
  3. Anycast DNS – If you need a DNS for your sites or apps you can use this service.

Free Tier

You can use our Free Tier to try our web services for some amount of time.

Use Cases

  • Small WordPress sites or other lightweight CMS
  • Development sites
  • Status page
  • Static page
  • Small API
  • Learning PHP programming
  • Ads landing pages