FTP Repo now available!

We are excited to announce our new product – FTP Repo. This is a great way for small sites for offsite backup or storing archive files or other files that does not need to be accessible via web browser or by public.

To get FTP Repo service:

  1. Login to client dashboard then go to “Create a Service”
  2. Select “FTP Repo”
  3. Enter your domain or subdomain to use for this service (eg. myrepo.yourdomain.com).


  • Shared Environment
  • Redundant Storage
  • 1gb max upload file size
  • FTP access

Use Cases:

  1. If your site is hitting the limits of the Free Offsite Backup then this is a good solution if you have a tight budget and could not afford yet the Storage Server. You can check the size of your site and backup from your hosting panel.
  2. Another usage of this is when you need to put one of your sites on hold but want to keep the files on archive, you can simply upload the archive via FTP and just restore in the future when you’re ready.
  3. Use for storing small database backup files